Father and His Family

God our Father is supreme, he is in total control, nothing happens by chance.  Our Father gave of himself, gave his best.  He gave his much loved son, his very image and his very character and nature, his very authorisation-authority.  Jesus stood in the place of the Father for Jesus came in the name of the Father [name meaning: character, nature, authority, representing the person]. Now we give him ourselves, all we have which is our will and person. 

Jesus  gave his flesh up for us, he gave his will up for us.  He was not on this earth to do his own will but obeyed the father and did the fathers will.  We now give up our fleshly self life and not do our will but the will of Jesus, which is the will of God our Father. 

Jesus has taught us to take up our cross [means of putting to death the flesh] and follow his example.  Jesus taught us that to flow in Gods life which is eternal, supernatural, godly life which is from the Father.  We are to give up our own choice or what we choose, our life, our choices and follow his example.   We should now do things for the better good of the spiritual family.  As in any family there is a structure an order of authority. Everything that has happened from the foundation of the world has been for the spiritual family.  The Father has always wanted to be a father. When he created he became a God as God means creator.  You cannot be a creator without creation.  You become a father when you create.  His desire has been for spiritual children, children in his own image.  

We are not part of God’s mistake, everything that has happened is part of his plan and purpose.  When Adam and Eve sinned it did not take God by surprise as if he was not present at the time.  No! his desire was not for earthly children but for spiritual children, in his own image. When God made Adam and Eve he knew they would sin, the only thing they could do was sin, because they were of the earth [fleshly] not spiritual.  It would not matter if any person was created first e.g. Abraham, Moses or Paul they all, we all, would have sinned.  Some people think and say that God made Adam and Eve and that  his plan was for a world full of earthly children and  when they sinned God had to come up with plan B and everything that has been happening after the fall is to  fix up the mistake of what Adam and Eve did.  If people think like this it’s as good as saying if God has made one mistake he could make another or another.  No God does not make mistakes, he never has and never will.  Praise him!Nothing happens without his ok.  

God does not, never has, never will make a mistake.  His plan and purpose has always been for spiritual children, children in his spiritual image. Everything that was written from Genesis to Malachi, everything that happened before Christ (Gods, chosen, anointed and appointed one) which is what the word Christ means,came on this earth was a type or shadow of the real. Jesus is the type of son God always wanted or desired.  He is the fulfilment of what God thought said and desired.  When we are conformed into the image of Jesus we also become the children God the Father desires and wants. Every person born in Christ's image is Gods true child. God says, first the natural then the spiritual.  First the man of dust then the spirit man.  We have borne the image of the first man Adam the man made of dust.  Read 1 Corinthians 15.  But when we have been born of the eternal word of God, from above or the desires of God, we are the sons and daughters that the Father desires and can fellowship with.  Man is talked about as seeds.  Seed is good but the plant is better.  For a plant to come forth the outside of the seed must die or perish, be corrupted by the earth for the life which is inside to come forth and grow to produce and be the thing of beauty, to become what it is, to be seen for what it is.  So it is with every person who comes into the world including the first two people Adam and Eve, they had to be tested and proved, die for the true life to come forth, for them to reveal the true persons that they were.  As it says in Rom 8:19  For the anxious expectation longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God. Rom 8:20  For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope Rom 8:21  that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. Rom 8:22  For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now. This earth is our testing ground.  We are not on the earth by chance, we were born on this earth at the right time, at the right place, to the right family.  

Most people have the attitude that we have one life, lets live it to the full, get as much out of it that we can.  Jesus our master and lord taught us differently.  He told and showed us to lay down our life, to put God and other people before ourselves just as he did.  He is our example.  When we are born of the Word and the Spirit of God we will act and want to do things as Jesus did.  If a person was to find this hard, living for God the father and other people, maybe that person is of a different spirit, still in the flesh and has not received or been born of the spirit of God or his word.  For when we have been baptized into him through believing in what Jesus has done for us, taking on the name of Jesus we will show forth his character and nature.  We will act, speak and do things like Jesus, just like in any family children will have the character traits of their parents. The Father knows those who are his, he knows those who will be his.  Everything produces after its own kind, if you have never been called you can never display the characteristics of the Father.  I do not condemn a person who cannot change, we cannot change apart from being called and God our Father working in us, his life and nature producing in us, producing after its kind.  Just as an apple seed will not produce a lemon tree so too when Gods seed his spirit word is within our hearts we will become like our father and bear fruit the nature of God our father.

Some people think that there is a great war between Satan and God, a great battle between good and evil.  They think sometimes God wins and sometimes Satan wins.  This is not so, God always wins.  God our Father has no equals.  God is supreme, he is in total control, everything is happening according to his will, both good and evil.  The Devil or Satan as he is know is a created being.  His name means accuser, destroyer.  Satan does nothing without getting permission from God the father or now from Jesus the King of Kings.  Read the book of Job to get an understanding on the subject.  Just as a seed needs corruption for the sperm or germ to start growing into the plant, so too Satan and his evil workers are used by God to bring about death in our flesh life for the new life from God to come forth within us.  Once God is finished with the Devil it takes one angel who has been authorised by God to bind Satan and cast him into Hell.  People need to stop giving Satan the glory or respect that he does not deserve.  He is a created being, God is not.  God is the creator, God is light, Satan is darkness.  Light is always greater than darkness in fact the darker the dark the better the light shines.  Light always dispels darkness, darkness never dispels light. The word says that God foreknew his children from the foundation of the world.  

God knows the end from the beginning.  He knows those who will have good ground for the seed of Gods word to grow.  It says in scripture Jacob I loved Esau I hated.  Even before the boys were born God knew Jacob would be a person that would love his God and Esau would be a person who would not want to submit and display the character of God.  So it was with king Saul and king David  God knew Saul would not be righteous and follow after Gods ways, yet David is called a man after Gods own heart.  Jesus called the apostles and yet he knew Judas would betray him, for the scriptures foretold this hundreds of years before.

The scriptures say it is not to him who wills or runs, but it is God who shows mercy.  Jesus said to the early disciples you did not choose me but I chose you.  It is the same today a person does not choose to come into the kingdom of God, if you have not been called by God you will not last.  Even if you have been called like Judas you may not be his chosen.  As it says in the Word many are called but few are chosen.   

The problem these days are ministers are trying to make the gospel something it is not, something that is pleasing to the flesh (fleshly music and songs, a gospel that promises them riches and wealth, a watered down gospel that allows a false hope of eternal hope and security). So they get people to make a choice to become a Christian.  It says in the book of Acts that the Lord added to the group of believers those who were being saved.  We have been asked to preach, share and teach the word or gospel.  Those who are destined or foreknow to believe will believe and from these those who are the elect, the Fathers true children will grow and produce fruit which shows they have been born of the Fathers seed and Spirit. 

Jesus said by their fruit you will know them, by the way they act and speak you will know them.  Back in the book of Acts when people believed on the Lord Jesus they were outcast, sometimes put in jail or killed, it was not the socially accepted thing to do.  When the jailor and his family believed and accepted the words spoken by Paul, they were baptized.  For the jailor and his family believing and being baptized meant being possibly ostracised put in prison or being killed.  Back in those days believing was all or nothing.  They were not like so called Christians these days who deny or will not confess their belief in Jesus for fear of being scared of what people might say if they tell workmates or family or friends that they are wanting to walk the Christian life.  We must get the foundation right.  1 Corinthians 8/6 The foundation of anyone's belief is there is one God the Father.  There is one mind in total control, not three as Trinitarians believe.  Next we must understand that there is one man, one saviour whom the one God choose to save or deliver us.  This mans name is Jesus.  His name means saviour or deliverer because this is what he did.  He is not the second person of the eternal Godhead as Trinitarians believe.  He did not eternally exist as Jesus throughout eternity.  He is as he said he is the son of God meaning Gods representative and son of man or mans representative.  He is the only man whom God raised from the dead sitting at the right hand of God in heaven.  As our representative he made it.  His sacrifice on our behalf has been accepted.  This is good news for us.  For if he made it bearing our sins as our representative.  We can make it by trusting in his accomplished work that God did through him.  Jesus as a man submitted to the great Father and creator of the world.  We likewise when we submit and are obedient to the heavenly father and creator of all and believe in his chosen one his saviour Jesus, we also will make it and be where he is.


I pray that the Father may give us spiritual knowledge and understanding, so we may know his will and walk in his ways. That we may believe what Jesus believed that there is one God the Father.  That we may honour our lord and king by not adding to anything he said.  That we may be one in what we believe and say. 

God our Father is Supreme